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  • High Performance: Art, Science or Grit? (Orange County)

High Performance: Art, Science or Grit? (Orange County)

  • January 16, 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • The Pacific Club, 4110 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92660


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LMA Southern California presents
High Performance:
Art, Science or Grit?

Orange County: Friday, January 16, 2015

Networking and Registration: 11:30 a.m.
Lunch/Program: 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.


Why do great performers consistently beat their competition? Why are some rainmakers “naturally good” at what they do? Can the seemingly ordinary participant enhance their performance, or are they limited to the skills and abilities they were born with?

Every year, you see the result of the “Olympic effect” where ordinary people take to the track, pool or court in response to watching great performers excel at their craft on television during the World Cup, Olympics or other sports playoffs. They WANT to excel. They think they can. However, the effect quickly fizzles as they become disappointed with their performance and say, “Some people just have a divine gift that I could never hope to achieve.”

They are wrong.

While they may not stand on the podium hearing their country’s anthem played or become the number one rainmaker at their firm, they absolutely can dramatically improve their performance--continuously. Sports also have rainmakers, and the same laws behind why they excel apply to business. Frankly, most people do not understand what is the secret to developing rainmakers. It is by focusing on the four pillars of high performance: discipline, intensity, priorities and action.

Educational objectives

Attendees will learn best practices from other academic research, non-business disciplines and other industries that consistently predict poor to good to great performance. They will learn how the “art” of rainmaking is actually a manifestation of the application of the four pillars of high performance.

Attendees will learn

  • Why do some business developers have swagger and others sweat through every interaction?
  • What are the four pillars of high performance? Which ones are usually overlooked?
  • What are the three consistent traits of high performers?
  • What are the limits of each individual’s performance?
  • Can I develop high performers or do I have to draft them?

Specific takeaways

  • How to incorporate fundamentals and practice into your rainmaker development
  • Using wargames and simulations to help them learn under duress
  • Using intensity planning to get more results with less time and less money
  • How to knock down resistance barriers from lawyers that are holding them back

Featured Speaker

  Darryl Cross

Vice President, Performance Development, LexisNexis

Founder, HighPer Coaching and Rainmaker Fitness

Darryl Cross joined LexisNexis in 2004 and has consulted with over 500 law firms around the world to collect and share best practices in marketing, law firm profitability and growth strategies.

Additionally, he is responsible for coaching, sales training and performance development for a 1300 person, national sales force generating $1.5 billion in annual sales in the legal, corporate, government and academic sectors.

Darryl’s direct experience in professional service organizations includes his service as the Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Committee of a law firm. During his tenure, he was awarded one of the most prestigious national awards in legal marketing, the Marketing Partner Forum’s Excellence in Marketing Award, for “Creating a Sales Culture at a Law Firm.”

Darryl is the 2015 President on the Board of Directors for the Virginia chapter of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) as well as a former member of the Board of Directors for the Chicago and Mid-Atlantic chapters. He is a member of the Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) and the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

A significant portion of Darryl’s time is spent coaching leaders, collecting and sharing best practices in business development and using his formal training as an M.B.A. and graduate of The George Washington University’s Law Firm Management program to provide business analysis that helps hundreds of the world’s leading organizations increase their profitability.

His coaching expertise and approach to performance development is multifaceted. He is a certified business coach with the Association for Talent Development (ATD). In addition, he is a certified athletic coach with the International Rugby Board and USA Rugby. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he brings a unique philosophy and style to assisting organizations compete at the highest level. He is the founder of two companies, HighPer Coaching and Rainmaker Fitness, which train and develop business leaders and executive athletes.

Darryl has spoken to over 10,000 fee earners and business professionals from over 100 countries. He is an internationally known author on best practices in the subjects of law firm profitability, coaching, strategic marketing, leveraging relationships, social networking, business development and competitive intelligence.

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